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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  March 10, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. a d.c. nightclub shut down after a violent stabbing and it's not the first time the doors have been locked by police. good evening, everyone. i'm chris gordon. police closed the island cafe in northwest washington after the stabbing happened early this morning. people in the neighborhood are divided over whether the doors should stay shut. darcy spencer is live at the club with reaction. darcy? >> reporter: chris, i can tell you there's a lot of concern because there have been these prior incidents of violence in the past involving this nightclub, but i also spoke to people who frequent the club and they say it's a nice place and they hate to see it shut down. the sign says open, but the island cafe in upshire street in northwest washington has been shut down. that's by order of the police chief after a man was stabbed and seriously wounded inside of the business. ma'am, could we get your comment about the business being closed. >> reporter: the violence broke
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out at 2:00 saturday morning. police say the similar was stabbed in the stomach while arguing with another man. >> that's sad. in the neighborhood stabbings and shootings, they have to cease. this is crazy. >> never seen anything, anything out of order here at all. it is always been a beautiful place. >> reporter: this isn't the first time the chief has shut down the island cafe. she gave the same order in march of 2008 when a man was shot inside of the club. some residents fought to have the bar's liquor license taken away. >> if they are a documented clear incident with stabbing or shooting in three years. so i think there's clearly going to be a push to get the license revoked. >> reporter: the chief ordered the cafe closed for 96 hours pending a hearing before the alcoholic beverage control board. some disagree with the order. >> i don't think it should be shut down behind somebody else's actions. that's how i feel about it. >> it is a lovely place.
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it is ridiculous. >> reporter: what do you think of it being shut down. >> it is hurtful because i'm supposed to have a birthday party here. >> reporter: the chief's order took effect at 6:00 this evening and will last through 6:00 on wednesday evening. reporting live from northwest washington, darcy spencer, news 4. >> darcy, thank you very much. two more suspicious letters found in the district are in the hands of the fbi tonight. the letters were discovered at the blt steak restaurant on i street in northwest. police say one of the letters was opened by a restaurant employee. it had a white powder inside that turned out to be harmless. the other was not opened. the fbi is trying to figure out if these letters are connected to others received in the district over the past year. now check out this video out of rosslyn, virginia. a car burst in to flames along fort meyer drive, near lee highway. i happened around 5:00 this evening. at one point, it looked like the
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car exploded. no one was hurt. turning to the weather, it's a cold night. how long will the chill stick around? meteorologist chuck bell is joining us live in storm center 4. chuck? >> hey there, chris. yes, indeed. temperatures are down in the 30s across the suburbs. upper 30s in downtown washington now. we are already below freezing in manassas, 32 leesburg, 32 frederick , maryland, martinsburg, wv wf. the temperatures start below freezing during the day tomorrow. temperatures in fairfax climb up to 60 degrees. we will be off to a cold start on sunday. i think you will enjoy the extra light at the end of the day tomorrow. that of course because the first day of say light savings and a winter without winter continues. now that it is springtime we are talking about another warmup. that in the seven-day forecast. back to you. now for republicans campaigning for the gop
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presidential nomination, they are focused new on grabbing votes in the deep south, mississippi an alabama hold primaries on tuesday. both governors in those states are endorsing mitt romney. he won wyoming, guam and the virgin islands today. but romney isn't expected to win victories on tuesday. rick santorum is the only candidate with scheduled stops in the south over the next few days. today snoumpl won a large-margin victory in kansas. he attacked romney for saying he never suggested individual mandates in federal health care. >> we already have one president that doesn't tell the truth to the american people. we don't need another nominated by our party to do the same. >> reporter: newt gingrich is counting on a strong showing in mississippi and alabama. ron paul spent the day with voters in kansas but still came in fourth. rick santorum will be on "meet the press" tomorrow and so will virginia governor bob
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mcdonald and martin o'malley. you can watch it at 10:30 a.m. here on nbc4. the virginia battle is heading to a special session. lawmakers could not reach an agreement. at issue, new amendments from posed by the democrats. they want $450 million in additional spending. 150 million of that will go to education and transportation. the democrats also want money allocated to pay for the cost of the state's new bill that requires women to get ultrasounds before they get an abortion. now, virginia lawmakers have until july 1st to figure out their new budget or they face a partial government shutdown. the essential session is expected to start the on march 21st. still ahead on news 4, why a popular running and biking trail could be rerouted across one of the area's busiest roads. talk about your rock star.
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telling the world he's a thief. tonchts japan is marking the one-year anniversary since a massive earthquake triggered a devastating nammy. in just under two hours from now, 12:46 d.c. time ceremonies will mark the moment when the tremors first hit. the 9.0 magnitude quake and tsunami killed more than 19,000 people. today more than 300,000 are still in temporary housing. and there are concerns that debris near the damaged nuclear plant is toxic.
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japanese officials aren't sure how to get rid of it. a big rock star is the talk of the town in los angeles this weekend. the 340 ton granite boulder got a celebrity welcome as it rolled its way to the l.a. museum of art. it took 11 days for it to travel from a rock quarry more than 100 miles away. over the next month, the rock will be hoisted in to place at the center place of an exhibit called liv tated mass. it will be suspended 15 feet feet over visitor's heads. i cost the museum $70,000. up next, rapper coolio is sent to the same jail as his son. what got him in to t
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people who use the capital crescent trail in bethesda are upset about a plan to reroute it across wisconsin avenue. right now, the trail runs through a tunnel beneath the roadway. transportation planners say they need to make way for the purple line. they say it would be too expensive to modify the tounl accommodate both the train and the trail. critics call it risky to force bikers and pedestrians to cross busy wisconsin avenue. >> there are plenty of children that go to school using the trail. there are tons of children riding their bikes, families riding their bikes, older people that come in to downtown bethesda. >> reporter: those in favor of rebuilding the tunnel were out
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today gathering signatures on a petition. montgomery county council is expected to make a decision on the issue in the coming weeks. rapper coolio is learning the hard way you cannot ignore those traffic tickets. police in las vegas pulled him over at 2:20 this morning while he was a passenger in someone else's car. police say coolio, whose real name is artist ivy junior got a ticket for an illegal stop an driving without a license. police arrested him for failing to appear in court and briefly locked him up in the same jail where his son is doing time for an armed robbery. coolio posted bail and was freed later in the day. get this one. a mother in washington state came up with an unusual punishment for her son to cure a bad case of sticky fingers. robertson had her son stand on the street holding a sign saying i'm a thief, i like to steal. she says her son stole an ipod
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from another student at school and she's just had enough. >> we're tired of going through him stealing. it is a continuous process. he has to stand out here all day. he is going to come in an hour and eat breakfast but he has to come back out here. >> robertson said she has tried other punishments like grounding her son and taking away video games but it didn't work. she says she can tell by the look on her son's face she will have better results this time. oh, look at that little face. no whitewater what you think -- no matter what you think of the tactics involved parents are always the solution. mother nature pulled out the rug from under us. hardly any cold days over the course of winter and daffodils and irises are up out there and we are counting down the days until the cherry blossoms come out.
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we are two to two and a half weaks of the cherry blossoms reaching their peak at the tidal basin. spring is coming your way and fast. outside a little hitch in the gitty up in to our race of springtime. temperatures below freezing in many spots by the time you get up tomorrow morning. that will slow down springtime oh so slightly. wait until you see the seven-day forecast you will find out that springtime early summer almost not that far away. a cold night here in washington. 39 at national airport. a waning moon out this came up just after 9:00 this evening. a light breeze in the southeast and three miles an hour. the high made it up to 50 after morning lows in the 30s and 40s. march so far is more than seven degrees warmer than average. looks like we will have more above-average days on the way. temperatures right now, though, are delightfully cold. it is good to have it cold once
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in a while. 32 leesburg and ashburn. your sunday man planner filled with sunshine start to finish. sun is up 7:change the battery in the smoke detectors. hagerstown, maryland 30 degrees by 7:00 in the morning. a quick rise to the low 60s tomorrow afternoon. on the whole, i think you will find tomorrow to be a spectacular day. nothing showing up on storm 4 radar right now. no precipitation up and down much of the eastern seaboard. nearest rain drops are in alaska, oklahoma and texas. some of that moisture is inching in our direction but probably late monday, monday night, early tuesday morning before we have to worry about it. high pressure is in charge of our weather. a cold clear night with a light breeze and high pressure inching its way off the eastern seaboard mr. provide sunshine and a nice warmup. 60s tomorrow. 70s for nearly every day this
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upcoming week as a serious warmup comes our way with. most of the moisture with that system will be missing us to the north and west. overnight tonight, clear skies, cold again. move your clocks ahead, everybody or you will be late or early. i can't do the math right now for everything tomorrow. start off 27 to 35. and then sunny, warmer, delightful. highs upper 50s to low 60s. the seven-day forecast, tomorrow's the last day we will be close to a little above average. temperatures surging 20 degrees almost. warmer than average as we get to the middle of the week. average high 55. so 72, 72, 74, 76. all sounds like bonus material to me. >> you aren't hear anything complaints. >> not yet. you wait. there's always somebody. >> when the heat and humidity comes but 70s this week excellent. good job. joan that hill missed out on
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the oscar for best supporting actor for his role in empty money ball" but he gets to host saturday night live. it is his second time hosting the show. the first time was back in 2008. >> when i first started to pop a little bit that's when kristin and bill and andy got on the show around the same time. so, now they are all veterans now that i'm back a second time and there are a bumpbl of new people who are hilarious and awesome. >> the fun gets underway right after news 4 at 11:00 here on nbc4. coming up, we have the sports. redskins general manager bruce allen is in
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you know what my wife asked me, who is rg3. >> he is a game changer that will turn the city upside down. >> let's hope. we need some turning. >> i'm confident. this kid's a game changer, folks. when he spoke at the nfl combine, he said, quote, i hope somebody falls in love with me other than my fiance. well, rg3 swept the redskins off of their feet because washington is smitten with the kid who wears superman socks. bruce allen confirmed that the redskins have agreed to trade for the rams for the second pick in this year's draft tochlt get
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that pick they will trade their first round pick and a second rounder this year and the redskins will take him. he threw for 4200 yards and 37 touchdowns, six interceptions and rushed for ten tds. here's bruce allen explaining why the redskins mad this blockbuster move. >> clearly we fell in love with two players. we believe one of those players will be a great redskin. we understand it was a heavy price. when you bought your home, you probably wanted to pay a little less, too but youk like your home once you live in it. we are comfortable. coach and i have talked about it for a couple of years of building our redskin organization around the draft, getting players that are born in the burgundy and gold and that's what we have done. we feel very good about where we
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are at. it's been tough. i feel for our fans. in many ways that we haven't been successful. we're trying to get it right, and i think we made a big step to getting it right. >> the trade cannot be finalized until the league year begins on tuesday. either way, washington will get a winner. hometown hockey now. remember, there is no rest for the weary. while you may be relaxing this weekend, the capitals are doing work. today washington on the road against boston playing the first of back-to-back games. coach hunt area then caps coming off of an overtime win against tampa bay on thursday. 25 seconds after alexander stemmens scores, they are on again. he beats thomas. a gritty hard-working goal. caps up 2-0. chris, what would you write on twit fer you saw that goal? >> excellent. >> i love it.
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>> fortunately the lead wouldn't last. second period, caps turn it over. another look off the stick of dmitri and scores his 23rd goal of the season. he's good. game tied at two. same score. puck in the brewers zone. zemin passes to beagle and he shoots and scores. his second goal in the last three games and caps take a lead. time running out. washington was 0-nine 9 on the advantage entering the game. no not anymore. the caps win it 4-3 and one point behind the panthers for the division lead. washington plays at home against the maple leafs tomorrow. at rfk stadium, coach olson and d.c. united opening the season against kansas city. kc on the attack. roger to kai and bill makes an incredible save.
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look in midair and he still manages to make the save. that was sweet. still no score in stop an time. graham sends it to the box and it's c.j. with the header and the game winner. no chance for hamid there. 1-nil the final. >> we were disappointed. 90 minutes at home in the home opener when i felt we ended up working hard enough to get a draw. >> sucks, you know? it is not the way you want to start off the season, especially at home in front of your fans. no one is panicking we have to regroup for tuesday and look at video and hopefully go down there. >> thp win a big crowd tonight and a lot of anticipation for the first game and we are disappointed we didn't do it for the fans. >> all right. nba at verizon center. randy and the wizards taking on the trail blazers. john wall with it drives strong
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to the bucket. he finished with 25 points, eight assists. second quarter now, watching the paint here. they get tangled up. going for a rebound and boom. camby throwser is fin to the floor. he received a technical foul and camby was ejected from the game. wizards down seven trying to get in it to they turn it over achlt head to crawford. he gives it to ald ridge. the was arlds report 9-1 and congratulations to the mcgruder high school basketball team they beat roosevelt. mcgruder finished the season with a 26-1
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he's america's most listened to talk radio host. >> rush limbaugh. [ applause ]


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